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Conservatory Roof Insulation Looe

We supply and install conservatory roof insulation in Looe as well as across the rest of Devon and Cornwall. So, if you want to enjoy your conservatory all year round, no matter the weather, give our team a call today. Conservatories are renowned for creating temperature extremes which often means they are used far less than they should be. Whether you find this space too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter, we have the solution that will transform your room.

With the addition of our multifoil quilt insulation, your conservatory will stay at a comfortable temperature throughout the year so you can get the most out of this part of your home. Our solution is quick to install and has a range of other amazing benefits.

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Multifoil Quilt Insulation

Our Multifoil quilt insulation is a highly effective and affordable way to insulate your
It is a great alternative to installing a replacement roof, as it is quicker and easier to install, and is much lower in price. Furthermore, a new glass or solid roof also requires building control and must adhere to strict building regulations. This is to ensure the installation isn’t too heavy for the structure, with many applications being refused.

Our high-quality system offers several benefits which make it the ideal choice for
any home, including:

How Does Multifoil Quilt Insulation Work?

Multifoil quilt insulation is a special composition of 19 multi-layers of reflective and thermal insultation. It is a flexible and compact insulation solution that acts wonderfully as a thermal, vapour and air barrier. It is designed to deal with common conservatory issues like heat loss and extreme temperatures. With our solution, you can expect U values as low as 1.61 w/m2K and a thermal performance of 2.58m2K/w. Therefore, your space will see a significant drop of 98% in heat loss – resulting in lower energy bills. We are trusted throughout Devon & Cornwall to product results that are both effective and hassle-free.

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Why You Need to Insulate Your Conservatory Ceiling

Do you want to get more use out of your space? If so, get in touch with us today so we can insulate your conservatory ceiling. We can completely transform your room for a competitive price, and we offer a complete service. By choosing us, you can expect a professional and personalised service from beginning to end.

Our team can offer expert advice and will treat your property with care and respect. Click the button below to find out more about our skilled installation and fitting process.

Features Of Our Conservatory Insulation System

Our conservatory insulation system is a special composition of 19 multi-layers of reflective and thermal insulation. It helps with common issues in these areas of the home including heat loss and extreme temperatures. It acts as a thermal, vapour and air barrier, ensuring that it keeps the heat in and the cold air out!

With this system, you can enjoy U values as low as 0.18 w/m2K. Our YBS Super-quilt reflects 98% of radiant heat keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Therefore, this will result in lower energy bills and a far more comfortable environment, meaning you can enjoy the space all year round.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because of the air gaps inside the insulation layers, the conservatory roof solutions prevent heat loss and provide excellent soundproofing. Insulation keeps the ceiling from getting too cold and forming damp, as well as adding another layer between the conservatory’s glass roof and the interior.

Multi-layered reflective films are stitched with foams to produce thin insulation blankets in multifoil insulation solutions.

Because foil reflects light, it may be used as insulation, particularly in places where heat is a concern. When foil is wrapped around an item, it traps air, which helps to insulate cables and pipelines. This may be done using a variety of materials, not only foil.

Many people like a mix of foil and thermal wadding. Both generating and absorbing heat, these materials are extremely efficient. Aluminium foil, which acts as a heat reflector, is an excellent option to insulate a conservatory roof yourself.

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