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How To Save Money On Your Energy Bills With Conservatory Insulation

A conservatory is a fantastic addition to any home. It’s great for growing plants in, spending warm summers days inside and extending the footprint of your house. Not only this, but it adds value to the property too. Unfortunately, a standard conservatory is never insulated well. This often leads to extreme temperatures both hot and cold, and a loss of heat from the rest of the house. Conservatory insulation is the perfect solution for this. There are several benefits to adding insultation to your conservatory, including saving money on your energy bills.

Benefits Of Conservatory Insulation

Conservatory insulation is becoming more and more popular, as a way of stopping a lot of the unforeseen issues that accompany this type of extension.

Preventing Damage

You’ve probably noticed all the furniture fades in your conservatory far quicker than anywhere else in the house?

This is because the UV rays penetrating your uninsulated conservatory roof wear them down. By installing insulation, you not only block out those rays but save a fortune on replacing furniture regularly.

Noise Reduction

Another issue you’ve probably noticed with your conservatory is the noise it makes, especially when it rains! During a heavy storm it can seem like the whole thing is going to collapse.

By installing conservatory insulation, you soften the vibrations created on the polycarbonate roof, lowering the noise created significantly.


If these problems are causing you  irritation and costing you money, then you’ve probably considered an entirely new roof. However, that is a costly affair.

Fortunately, simply by insulating your conservatory roof, you can eliminate all these problems for a fraction of the price.

orangery with insulation not installed

On the topic of cost, it is worth mentioning the value that conservatory insulation will add to your property.

It’s common knowledge that conservatories are notorious for extreme temperatures and heat loss. However, if a prospective buyer can see you’ve gone to the effort of insulating, that will be far more valuable to them.

Reduce The Cost oF Your Energy Bills with Conservatory Insulation

The significant cost of a conservatory can be found in the heat loss. An uninsulated conservatory can consume heat from the rest of your house at an alarming rate.

Conservatory insulation can prevent up to 91% of heat loss when installed. So, not only will the insulation stop extreme heat and extreme cold, but it will help regulate it as well. You can save huge amounts of money over a long period on your energy bills.

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