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What Are The Advantages Of Envirotile Tiled Roofs?

Grey Slate Conservatory Tiles

Envirotile tiled roofs are a lightweight, durable and low maintenance alternative to classic polycarbonate conservatory roofs. They bring a modern look to what could be an old and outdated extension roof and can be installed on even the shallowest of pitches. If you’re look to install a more aesthetic and long-lasting material in your conservatory, Devon & Cornwall Conservatory Roof Insulation have a range of options for you.

Envirotile Benefits

People are starting to realise the major benefits of using these plastic alternatives to both insulate and improve the look of their conservatory.

Envirotile Tiled Roofs Guarantee Satisfaction

If you’re wondering how a product can tick all these boxes and still be affordable, then we have BBA certified guarantee to put your mind at ease. If you think it’s too good to be true, all of our Envirotile products conform to British Standards 5534:2014 too.

The Strength and Resistance of Envirotile

One of the best aspects of Envirotile is the interlocking installation system. It provides a huge improvement in strength compared to traditional conservatory roofs, as well as classic slate roofs.

The strength will provide great weather resistance, putting an end to climbing up on the roof to replace that old, loose slate.

Low maintenance

You’ve probably noticed a build up of grime on your conservatory roof, especially if you’ve had it a while now. This is a common issue with polycarbonate, not only does its transparent nature mean it shows up every bit of dirt, but it also holds onto grime.

The anti-fungal element of Envirotile tiled roofs means that even if you could see the grime building up, it will never stick around. Should you ever find they need cleaning, a quick pressure wash gets it clean in no time.

Eurotile Roof on Conservatory

Environmentally friendly

Your environmental impact should be a big consideration these days, and Envirotile can put you at ease in this instance. Envirotile tiled roofs are created from a completely recyclable plastic, meaning any cuts or replacements will create waste that is completely safe for the environment. Not only this, but the thermal efficiency is so good, it insulates your conservatory to a point where you will save money on your energy bills. Resulting in less of an impact on your climate footprint too.

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After exploring all the options and benefits that an Envirotile tile roof brings, you might be considering installing one yourself. If this is the case, Devon & Cornwall Conservatory Roof Insulation offer a professional and guaranteed service, at a competitive rate. Contact us today to discuss and for a free quote.

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