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When Do You Need to Replace Your Conservatory Roof?

A conservatory roof before having blinds installed

Replacement conservatory roofs are an unfortunate requirement after a certain age, usually between 10-15 years. The timeline of a roof’s life can be dependent on few factors, including maintenance, quality of build and materials used. There are several indicators for when it needs to be replaced. Let’s explore the aspects you need to consider when replacing your conservatory roof, and any obvious signs it’s overdue.

Signs That Conservatory Roofs Need a Replacement

When it comes to replacement conservatory roofs, its important to be aware of some of the subtle, and not so subtle signs that it needs replacing.

Here are the main indicators to look out for:

Moisture Damage & Leaks

At its base level, the purpose of a roof is to prevent the weather, especially rain, from permeating the interior of the extension and the rest of the property. If you’re starting to see moisture damage within your conservatory – for example, wet patches in the plaster – then it’s a strong sign something is wrong.

It would be presumptuous to assume the roof needs replacing. Sometimes you will just need to carry out some repairs to prolong the life of the roof. However, if it’s not an issue that sealant can solve, or if this isn’t the first time its happened, then it might be time to consider replacement conservatory roofs.

Close up of conservatory roof insulation

Unwanted Ventilation

A draft or breeze that wasn’t there before is a strong indicator of the panels loosening. Loose panels are a big sign you need to consider replacement conservatory roofs, before further damage causes even more costly problems.

It’s important however to look at the doors and windows in this scenario too, as they can be a culprit for drafts or extra ventilation.

Extra noise

It’s no secret that polycarbonate roofs are noisy. If this noise has been increasing lately, then it means there are extra vibrations. Extra vibrations could mean the panels on your roof are loose, and this is a bad sign.

Loose panels run the risk of weather damage and will only get worse to a point of jeopardising the contents of your conservatory.

How TO Preserve Your Conservatory Roof

It’s useful to know how to prevent an early conservatory roof replacement. You’re going to want to get the most out of your roof, and here are a few ways this can be achieved.


This is the biggest aspect you can control when preventing damage and prolonging life. Making sure to clean the grime and specifically the debris from your conservatory roof will help reduce strain and damage over the long term. It’s a simple procedure but can really help improve the life of your roof.

Conservatory on Domestic Property
Conservatory framework installation


Make sure you choose the right people to carry out the initial construction. Here at Devon & Cornwall Conservatory Roofs, we pride ourselves on a high-quality finish. Our staff are fully qualified with over 15 years’ experience in the industry to guarantee a solid installation. How well your conservatory roof is installed will directly affect its lifespan.

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We offer a 5 year insurance guarantee via IWA. This means we represent confidence in our work for the long term. If you’re looking for a local, family run business that will cut out the middle man and assure high quality work and products, contact us.

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