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Spotlight: YBS SuperQuilt – The Best Conservatory Roof Insulation On The Market?

SuperQuilt Roll conservatory roof insulation

As a company that prides itself on the quality of its work, we understand the need for effective conservatory roof insulation. That’s why we make sure to only use the best materials available, supplied by trusted providers.

That’s why we use YBS SuperQuilt in all of our conservatory roof insulation installations.

What Is YBS SuperQuilt?

SuperQuilt is among the UK’s foremost certified reflective multifoil insulations. It is pliable and adaptable, making it simple to shape and install for an experienced contractor. A reflective multipurpose multilayer aluminium insulator, this product offers excellent sunlight protection and vapour control.

Superquilt conservatory roof insulation installation process

Why Do We Use It?

SuperQuilt is fully Agrément approved to UK industry standards, building control compliant, and NHBC recognised. It is designed specifically to replace the use of older, more traditional forms of insulation. The reason it is so superior to these older materials is because of the manner in which it insulates. It effectively deals with all three forms of energy transfer.

The Three Forms Of Energy Transfer


Conduction is when energy is transferred between adjacent molecules that are in contact with one another. YBS SuperQuilt conservatory roof insulation combats this by being made up of 19 layers of thermally resistant sheets. This makes it more difficult for heat to travel through it.


Convection describes the unique way that heat moves through liquids and gases. Heat travels upwards, displacing the colder liquid or gas above it. This means that if your conservatory is warm inside, but cold outside, the heat will begin to displace. It will travel up to your conservatory roof.

This is where YBS SuperQuilt conservatory roof insulation comes in. Not only does it insulate against conduction, but it also functions as a vapour control barrier. This protects against the build-up of moisture. While both conduct heat, liquids are far more conducive. In protecting against the build-up of moisture in the natural path of heat, it protects against that heat’s loss as well.


Radiation is when the transfer of energy occurs between two objects that are in no way touching each other. Sunlight is a prime example of this.

Radiation heat can move through a normal glass conservatory roof with ease. Moreover, glass conservatory roofs can even magnify this effect. This causes standard conservatories to overheat in the summer.

YBS SuperQuilt conservatory roof insulation combats this by being made of reflective aluminium. This reflective material bounces this radiation off of it in the same way.

Superquilt conservatory roof insulation layers

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We are proud to partner with YBS SuperQuilt to meet all of your conservatory roof insulation needs. Our team of expert, experienced and friendly technicians is dedicated to helping you make the most of your conservatory. Proper insulation, properly installed, reduces glare, keeps your home warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.

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