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What Are The Benefits Of Conservatory Roof Insulation?

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Conservatory roof insulation is a great answer to the problems that a classic polycarbonate roof can create. If you own a conservatory, you’ll be familiar with how hard it is to regulate temperature. Additionally, you’ve likely experienced the heat loss and general lack of energy efficiency that comes with an old conservatory roof. By installing insulation, you could help regulate the heat during summer, saving yourself cost and increasing the value of your home. However, these are not the only benefits.

Installing insulation through Devon & Cornwall Conservatory Roof Insulation can transform your extension into a functional and inviting room.

What is conservatory insulation?

Roof insulation is installed with a timber frame, internal multi-foil insulation middle and panelling of your choice, to create an air and vapour tight layer. It’s BBA certified, LABC registered and has a class E rating on fire resistance.

Conservatory roof insulation is a valid alternative to a replacement roof, and can act as a barrier, whilst keeping a room warm. On top of this, it will create a mild environment. This is a huge benefit of insulating your roof. On hot days, the polycarbonate roof can create a greenhouse-like environment that is often unbearably hot.

How You Can Increase Your Property Value

Conservatory roof insulation can increase the value of your property by a decent amount. Running costs are a big attraction to new buyers, and if you can prove your home is efficient it will go a long way to getting more for your property.

Arguably, the initial price of installation would be reflected on the property value later, should you choose to sell. This means that you’re not technically spending any money at all.

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The Effect of Conservatory Roof Insulation in Your Property

One of the main benefits of conservatory roof insulation is the cost effectiveness. Although the upfront cost is an initially large payment, the long-term savings are much bigger. Installation price, however, is not consistent. The insulation is quoted on a house-by-house basis. This is because all conservatories are different and cannot be priced the same.

Additionally, conservatory insulation can prevent up to 91% of the heat loss you experience in your home, particularly if your conservatory is a common room. So, in the short term, cost would most likely be high, depending on the overall size of your room. However, in the long term your heating bill savings and property value increase would far surpass that.

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