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Tiles Vs Glass: Which Is Best For Your Conservatory Roof?

tiled conservatory roof

A conservatory roof usually comes in three different types of material: glass, tile or polycarbonate. Glass and tile are two of the most popular materials. They offer an array of benefits to suit many situations.

It’s important to choose the right style of roof. Make sure you consider your circumstances and what you’re looking to achieve. For example, if sunlight is a priority for you, then opting for a tiled conservatory roof is probably not advisable. Likewise, if heat regulation were top of your list, then glass is probably not the best choice. Overall, different materials can be great in different circumstances. At Devon & Cornwall Conservatory Roof Insulation, you’ll find a range of products and styles to suit your needs.

Grey Polymer Roof Tiles

The Benefit of a Tiled Conservatory Roof

The tiled conservatory roof is a great choice for those who consider temperature regulation and practicality to be a priority. Not only are tiles great from that perspective, but they also offer great durability and weather resistance, along with an increase in energy efficiency.

Additionally with a composition of 75% recycled materials and a rapid installation, it’s hard not to see the benefits of installing this style of roof to your property.

The Benefits of a Glass Conservatory Roof

A glass conservatory roof is arguably more suited for less practical desires. The benefits in which a glass roof offers are a bit more luxurious. This is not to say that glass doesn’t offer practical advantages though.

Here are a few of the benefits that glass offers:

Much like a tiled conservatory roof, you will see a decent level of energy efficiency, weather resistance and durability. However, you are trading a bit of the utility that tiles provide for sunlight, warmth and panoramic sky views. It’s also brilliant for growing plants in, so if you’re a bit of a green thumb – then glass might be your number one choice.

Overall, neither material is better in a unilateral sense. Each provides a benefit to the individual and it’s up to you to decide which benefits are right for you.

Large conservatory roof and garden before

Additional Options for a Conservatory Roof

If picking one style over the other is proving difficult, then perhaps a hybrid style is for you. Maybe you want the energy efficiency that a tiled roof provides, but you’re not willing to sacrifice on sunlight. Or perhaps you prefer the aesthetic that a glass roof has to offer, but you still want a bit of heat regulation in the summer.

A hybrid conservatory roof offers a little of both. However, they do not offer the full capabilities of each style. You will be losing a bit of heat regulation for a bit of sunlight, and so on for most of the advantages and disadvantages. But if something in the middle is more your style, then a hybrid could be a great option.

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